10 tips for online dating


1) Create a good profile

Regarding Online dating sites your matches are based on what you express in your profile. Although there is a certain drive to improve your profile, for example by changing your hobbies, try to stay truthful. Do not write that you like sailing when you can not sail. Do not write that you are listening to classical music if you prefer Robyn and Bruce Springsteen. Honesty is important, and it is the best policy. If you are not honest in your profile, you will reduce your chances of finding your life partner.

2) Choose the right photo

Avoid photos where you ex. stands with a glass of wine in your hand or with your friends at the pub. Photos is an important part of the first impression, and by choosing the right picture, you have more chance to attract a serious partner. Try also not to be overly self-critical! A dangerous trap is to choose a profile picture that was taken a few years ago, but it is not as much fun on the first date to explain why you do not like your profile picture!

3) Do not judge in advance

When you are matched, it is easy to judge the candidates too quickly. But think twice before you refuse a request. You have a good chance to be pleasantly surprised if you give yourself the opportunity!

4) Send contacts in the right way

When sending a message through a dating site for a potential match, it’s easy to focus too much on yourself. Try to read the entire profile and then write up a text. Try to keep the first message short, and ask questions if the other person, for example, what he / she likes. A tip for all women are to be more daring to be more active and engage with men / women you are interested! The stereotypical gender roles where women are sitting and waiting to be offered are passé! The cards are in your hands!

5) Do not stress yourself

You will not receive a reply to every message you send, and it has nothing to do with you! People are generally lazy, and it is easy for a message with the plan to respond to become forgotten if you do not answer it directly. You probably know yourself how uncomfortable it can be to call a friend who has not been contacted in a long time. Try to have some ice in your stomach, and keep your confidence. The worst thing you can get is a ”Sorry, not interested” and the attitude you should have is that it is the other person who loses it – not you!

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6) Be cautious about disclosing your contact information

Remember to be careful about giving out your contact information. Ex. You can create an email address via gmail or hotmail that you use specifically for Online dating, or purchase a cash card to your mobile phone. You need not disclose your contact information just because someone asks for them, but take your time getting to know him so that you feel safe! Never give out your entire personal identity on the Internet.

7) Network dating before the first proper date?

Do you feel nervous to meet in real life and do you not feel quite ready? Why not try a internet date?! There are many different chat rooms that you can use, and offers some webcam capabilities. Book an evening where you sit and chat live with one another so you get a chance to get to know each other more before you meet for real.

8) Arrange a special first date

When the time comes to meet for the first time we recommend that you try to find something fun and different to do. A romantic candlelit dinner is always nice, but with a person you do not click with, there is a possibility that you could use light to trigger the fire alarm just to get away. Take a walk or maybe go to a museum are examples of activities that feel a bit more relaxed, which makes you feel less pressure.

9) Keep one of your friends informed

If you go out on a date with a man / woman let your friends know where you are and ask your friend call you at a specific time to hear that everything is okay. This can also be a good trick for those who are in a bad dating and need an excuse to end the dating earlier than planned!

10) Have fun

The most important thing with Online dating is that you feel you have fun in the process!